Fool to Even Care

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  1. How Do You Play
  2. Never Forget This
  3. Getting Together
  4. Pay Your Love in Full
  5. Leave Me the Light On
  6. Rub It in
  7. Never That Far
  8. No Reaction
  9. The Lawn
  10. Starlight
  11. Get Out of My Way
  12. Nowhere To Go

buy Lyrica medication He is a songwriter. He is a vocalist and a guitarist. And he is quite a character. He is Don Lee Lee blends the slick song craft of Squeeze and Brendan Benson with the raw energy of The Kinks and Joe Jackson. The result? His tunes overflow with melody, insight, and charm; they’re quirky, dynamic, and simply sophistcated. Fool To Even Care, released in 2011, follows Change Into Change (2007) and Signs And Other Symbols (2009) adding twelve new songs to Lee’s arsenal and turns up the heat with it’s brazen lyrics and more rock-oriented sound. Don Lee once again proves why he is recognized as a leader in his field. Discover the art of song…Discover Don Lee